« Loop » rugs collection

The Loop rug collection reThe Loop rugs collection was influenced by the toys race cars. Did you ever had  one when you were a child? It was either fun to build and to play with. I cant remember how many hours I spent on it. Those very simple shapes looked to me as a graphical pattern. Then, the idea to create a rugs collection took place. The colors gradient symbolise the car speed and the energy. minds us the child car circuit. The different shades refer to the different paths and creates an infinite loop. Last but not least, the gradient of colors connotes the speed, the dynamic of the vehicles on the circuit.

Dimensions :

XL :
v1: 1300 x 2300 mm v2 : 1265 x 2300 mm v3 : 923 x 2300 mm

v1: 1310 x 1160 mm v2 : 1270 x 1160 mm v3 : 922 x 1160 mm

v1: 520 x 1180 mm v2 : 507 x 1180 mm v3 : 511 x 1180 mm

New-Zealand wool

© Pictures credit: Valentin Codemard-Cavillac