« Cancale » grinder collection

When I was a child, I used to enjoy all my summer vacation at my grandma place in Brittany, a small fisherman village named Cancale. The main inspiration was this old coffee grinder that she had in her kitchen. I still remember the smell of the coffee during breakfast. As this object has slowly disappeared from our kitchen, I wanted to redesign it in a modern way. I kept the upper part with the reel and played with geometrical shapes.

Nowadays, coffee grinders are electrical powered, most of the time included in a coffee machine. Those are more comfortable for sure, but the pleasure to grind its own coffee is gone.

That is why, I decided to redesign the vintage coffee grinder in a modern style.

Size : D=12cm x 22 cm

Oak or painted oak / matte paint RAL : 5014 / 3022

The Cancale coffee grinder is quite simple to use. The oak reminds us of the original one whereas the glass container is light and allow to see the milled coffee. There are two sizes of glass container regarding the quantity of coffee you need. The small one equal to the quantity of coffee for one person whereas the large one is for two at least.

In a technical aspect, the top part is removable to fill the coffee seeds. The wooden part has a funnel shape to grind the seeds properly. The glass container is screwed directly on the wooden part and easily removable. The whole object is quite small, to fit in any kitchen.

Cancale collection could be enlarged with a pepper and salt grinders. The goal is to create a family, with a strong identity.

© Pictures credit: Valentin Codemard-Cavillac