« Cancale » coffee mill

As a child, I used to spend all my summer vacation at my grandmother house in Brittany, France. The main inspiration was this old coffee grinder that she had in the kitchen. I still remember the smell of the coffee during breakfast. As this object has slowly disappeared from our kitchen, I wanted to redesign it in a modern and functional way. The shapes are geometricals to challenge balance and also, to contrast with the coffee beans organic shape.

This project is my entry to the Design Torget contest.

Dimensions : 

S : ø12 x 17 cm 

M : ø12 x 22 cm

Pepper & salt mill : ø8 x 14 cm

Oak, glass clear and smoke, steel  


Cancale collection could be enlarged with a pepper and salt grinders. The goal is to create a family, with a strong identity.

© Pictures credit: Valentin Codemard-Cavillac